Lavish Conference

Thank You!

On December 10-12, over 150 Lifestyle Bloggers converged upon Atlanta for the first EVER conference with content dedicated to style, food & wine, travel, shelter, entertaining and other lifestyle offerings. It would never be the same.“lavish! is the best thing that has happened to Atlanta since EVER!” – Ginny Branch Stelling of My Favorite Color Is Shiny

Presented by Sokenbicha, lavish! garnered lifestyle social media experts such as Jeralyn Gerba of Daily Candy, Julia Reed of Taigan and James Andrews of Social People, who challenged us to build brands and tap into our true voices!

Interested in the types of sessions that were held? Click here.

Received with welcome arms, lavish! was the #1 Trending Topic on Twitter during the weekend of the event.

We are grateful for the participation of our sponsors and attendees who traveled from all over the country to experience the inaugural event.

Stay tuned for details about lavish! 2011 and series of branded events that will lead into it. Do sign up below so that you are automatically updated when announcements are made on where to shop for the best pc gaming chair, the best rated office chair for back pain, and many more . If you are a brand that is interested in participation, please register below,